Most Awesome Award

The Most Awesome Award goes to..."the most awesome person" in relation to Race the Lake of the Sky!  It can be a paddler, an event organizer, an exhibitor, or anyone bringing stoke to the event!  Last year, the award went to Mike Muir, president of Riviera Paddlesurf, and also my uncle.  He won last year because he shared standup with my family, and in turn, we have been able to share it with others. The love and support he gave us last year for Race the Lake of the Sky is a big part of why year one was so great.  Quite simply, if it weren't for Mike Muir, Race the Lake of the Sky would not exist.

We're looking forward to seeing who wins this year's Race the Lake of the Sky "Most Awesome" Award...will it be you?

- Chris

*Most Awesome trophy was hand crafted by South Shore SUPer John Thomaselli.