SUPCross®: Rubbing is Racing! Why Ding Up Your Own Board?

If you've never experienced SUPCross® then give the video above a quick viewing. It's like mixing BMX bike racing with SUP! Competition is fierce and board dings are commonplace. No need to worry though, Riviera Paddlesurf will be providing boards again for this years SUPCross® event. 

Board Class:
Riders choice: 10'6" or 11'6"  SUP Surfboard provided by Riviera.  Note: Elite riders may use the Riviera board provided or their own 11'6" and under planing hull)  

Since our inaugural event in 2012, Riviera Paddlesurf has always rolled into town with a love for SUP and stoke for this race.  Their support has helped make Race the Lake of the Sky®what it is today and we are so excited to see what this years race has in store.  Thanks Riviera, you're the best!

If you haven't registered for Race the Lake of the Sky® already then be sure to do so soon, early bird pricing ends June 1st.